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Relief for Tension or Migraine Headache and High Blood Pressure

Biofeedback for Stress

Book free demonstration session.Biofeedback for headache, stress, high blood pressure, anxiety. Short term drug free treatment for stress related problems.


Safe, Effective, Short-term - Drug Free

What is Biofeedback?



Biofeedback has been recognised as an effective, medication free, treatment for headache and other stress related conditions since the 1970s. Many health benefits are attributed to biofeedback relaxation training. Biofeedback works on the principle that we can control stress directly and learn internal cues giving conscious control over previously involuntary self-induced tension.


In sEMG we learn to reduce muscle tension by listening to muscles directly. In TEMP training we take command of our cardiovascular system and learn how to relax it directly and improve blood flow; reversing constriction causing pain and headaches. 


Biofeedback Stress Release offers long-established treatment protocols based on best practice for each modality. We note that biofeedback is not well known in the UK, so we are very pleased to offer this outstanding service to Ilford and for greater London. 


Biofeedback may reduce or possibly eliminate medications. We always strongly advise clients to work with their GPs to optimise prescribing. Considering their myriad of side effects and cost medications are best kept to the minimum required.


Biofeedback therapy always includes a talking-therapy. Talking aims at understanding the internal process and identifies cues used to overcome stress in day to day life. Stress and relaxation cannot co-exist. Biofeedback gives skills to induce physiological relaxation at will, thus overcoming previously uncontrolled  pain and symptoms.


Biofeedback is risk free. Sessions create deep relaxation similar to hypnosis or meditation. Sessions are pleasant and refreshing. New physiological control is locked in by brief talking therapy at the end of each session identifying your internal cues and strategies to create relaxation. Treatment is suggested to require approximately six and twelve sessions, depending on the initial severity and simple individual differences.


There are clearly defined physiological targets to demonstrate when biofeedback is needed, and when biofeedback has achieved its objective. When you can relax deeply early in sessions we are done and benefits should be evident. If you can relax deeply early in early sessions you do not need biofeedback and we are ethically bound and happy to inform you the good news.  


Only proven methods

Research investigating advanced experimental methods of biofeedback for a broad range of conditions continues. We are fascinated at potential for new neurologically centred methods in early stages of refinement. Our service uses only two specifically effective established methods that have withstood long scrutiny, clinical trials, and overwhelming evidence of genuine benefits. Sometimes the simplest methods can be the most effective. Currently scientifically supported therapies are:


► Electromyography for tension headache and stress (sEMG)

Peripheral blood flow for migraine headache and stress (TEMP)


Because these therapies are not controversial and are backed by significant research our services include only these two evidence-based biofeedback modalities.


How does it work?

Biofeedback simply measures muscle tension or finger temperature and provides sound and visual information to guide you. Biofeedback trains you to take conscious control of stress and relaxation. This self control is mastered in 6 to 12 sessions with relief beginning from the very first session and increasing to a measurable peak. Once maximum skill is achieved benefits should continue indefinitely. You may find it useful for an occasional refresher, or seek deeper relaxation experiences like yoga and meditation that build on your self mastery from the biofeedback.



If you see your GP regularly and are under treatment for headaches, hypertension, or other stress-related conditions you should discuss biofeedback. Since the method is truly non invasive there is virtually no risk as such. Continue to take all medications as prescribed. You may want to review your medications as you progress with biofeedback. Always follow your GPs prescribing instructions. Especially when medications are causing side effects you may find biofeedback can help reduce the dose needed or possibly overcome the need altogether. Medicines should always be reviewed when circumstances change. You donít want to take tablets needlessly and ONLY your GP can make these judgements.    


How does it work?

Biofeedback involves no magic, beliefs, spirituality, mysterious forces, or esoteric outlook. Of all approaches to complementary medicine biofeedback is perhaps the easiest to demonstrate actual results. Your level of training success is measured and recorded each session either in microvolts (EMG), or temperature (TEMP). The meaning for recorded is easily understood and clear targets are clinically established.    









For an EMG session sensors will be attached to your forehead. Sometimes a different muscle group may be used such as neck, back, shoulder. The forehead or frontals muscle is used most often because relaxation generalises to the entire body from self regulation at the forehead. The EMG machine converts your level of muscle tension into a tone that will sound higher or lower, depending on if you are more or less stressed or relaxed. The approach is perfectly person-centred since everyone learns their own way to achieve relaxation. In the simplest of terms, each person explores and finds how they can lower the tone frequency. The tone becomes lower as you relax deeper and deeper. Often we see as much as a ten fold reduction in actual muscle voltage in early sessions. This voltage reduction correlates with relaxation and relief of symptoms and cause of tension headache. Self-regulation of stress is a learned skill that can be recalled at stressful times.   












Migraine headaches are less fully understood than tension headaches and their severity and nature vary greatly. These attacks range from debilitating cluster headaches to near psychedelic extreme neurological events. People suffering migraines should always be under medical supervision. Before we undertake TEMP training we will be sure we understand the history and course of your medical treatment.


With TEMP biofeedback a sensor is attached to one or both of your fingertips. The sensors attach to a machine that continually measures temperature. Changes in temperature generate a tone that will rise in frequency at lower temperature and drop in frequency at higher temperature. You do what you are able to make the tone go lower. We search for what works best for you and then do more of it to progress to ever lower tones / higher temperatures. There is evidence that voluntary hand warming can prevent onset of Migraines in some cases, and can reduce their intensity in many cases.


What is the trainer for?

Why  not just buy a machine?



Sometimes clients decide to buy their own machines. Quality instruments  can be expensive and canít substitute for an experienced biofeedback trainer. Therapeutic success depends very much on careful adjustments made to machine settings during your biofeedback sessions. Through each session the trainer will make subtle changes to take your relaxation levels deeper and deeper in the same way as a skilled hypnotist. With biofeedback, deep relaxation is accomplished by gradually moving the goal-posts. This technique relies on the trainer to carefully observe your level of stress and relaxation and make measured adjustments based on observation. Subtle and carefully timed  adjustments are made to settings that consolidate improvements and keep the training on track. Experience and professional training teaches biofeedback practitioners when the time is right to make these crucial adjustments.  


I thought it was mystical?

How does it change me?

There are many ways people use to alter their inner world. Research generally indicates that methods used to achieve trance or relaxation invariably result in lowered metabolic rates, two of which are directly measured in our relaxation treatment. Often people see a mystical power in deep relaxation. Our opinion is that most deep relaxation therapies are beneficial. We believe also that there is much physiological convergence showing that relaxation is generally similar regardless of how it is achieved.

If you find that your new found relaxation enables personal growth spiritual advancement or better overall health we are only too happy.

For our purposes, the aim is to alleviate headaches, hypertension or stress related illness by teaching you how to consciously master your stress and create relaxation. We are confident that biofeedback interventions offer a very safe drug free method to bring lasting relief and benefits for many people.  In fact, practically speaking, biofeedback is risk free and very comfortable, soothing and pleasant.


 High Blood Pressure

"The authors state that practice nurses who prescribe medication should consider the role of biofeedback as a treatment for stage 1 or 2 hypertension in healthy adults before pharmacological treatments. In addition, biofeedback should be considered as an adjunct to standard pharmacological therapy" (NHS Evidence)                                                             



Other uses for biofeedback

Biofeedback was classified and rated according to the levels of evidence to support its use. The following uses show promise for use of biofeedback:


Efficacious and Specific for

  • Urinary incontinence (females)



Efficacious for

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic pain Constipation (adult)

  • Epilepsy

  •  Hypertension, Motion sickness

  • Temporomandibular disorder 

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Headache (adult)
  • Raynaudís disease

Probably efficacious

  • Alcoholism/substance abuse

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Headache (paediatric)

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Urinary incontinence (males)

  • Arthritis

  • Faecal incontinence

  • Insomnia

  • Vulvar vestibulitis 

Frank, Khorshid, Lamees, Kiffer, Moravec. And McKee, (2010, Mental Health in Family Medicine, 2010,

Vol. 7 Issue 2, p85-91)

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Biofeedback Stress Release



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